Damsel In Distress 242 - Chase And Conquer

Released at: October 14, 2010 by Red MILF Productions
Ashlynn was home alone doing dishes when a man in black wearing a faceless mask just walked into her kitchen. Ashlynn screamed, take my car, throwing her keys at him. The intruder had no intention of robbing her. He had been stalking her and wanted to play a game. He grabbed her in his arms, held her, and then released her. Ashlynn ran for a door. The intruder took hold of her again dragging her kicking to the middle of the room. He released her again. She ran for the front door, He snagged her in a headlock. This time he threw her on the couch and tied/gagged her. The man carried her over his shoulder to the bedroom. The chase was over, now he would conquer her. He stripped. She fought back but was very weak. He put his cock in her mouth. The man bent her over and fucked poor Ashlynn hard. The man put his masked face up to hers. He just stared at her. Ashlynn was terrified. He fondled her and fucked her in several positions until he was satisfied.

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