Damsel In Distress 237 - Fucked Foreclosure

Released at: October 14, 2010 by Red MILF Productions
Joey was a banker and had to go do a walk through on a foreclosure. She was concerned about the neighborhood and that the occupants of the house where out. Her boss assured her the house was empty. She arrived and looked around. The man who lived there was in the house, he ran up behind her and covered her mouth. He dragged her to the bed room where he cleave-gagged her and tied her hands and feet. The man was furious at the bank so he took all his revenge out on poor Joey. He tore her pantyhose and pulled at her pink panties. He opened her silk blouse and toyed with her tits. She cried and screamed. He made her to jerk his cock. Then he fucked her hard. He left her there for the other bankers to see. (Simulated intercourse)

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