Damsel In Distress 16 - Rachel and Karrine Are Taken!

Released at: March 28, 2020 by Red MILF Productions
Rachel and Karrine are washing dishes in the kitchen when the intruder sneaks in and grabs them both from behind. He quickly shoves gags in their mouths and puts them on the floor. He ties their feet and hands securely so he can search the house. He pulls up Rachel's shirt to play with her big boobs and lifts their skirts to check out their panties. After he can't find any money he decides get a different kind of score. He lifts up Rachel's skirt, pulls down her panties and fucks her from behind while her head is resting on Karinne's chest. Karinne's eyes widen as he tells her that she is next. When he is done with Rachel he drags Karinne over on her back and fucks her hard too. When he is done he leaves them on the floor to get loose.

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