Chelsea's Angels

Released at: October 28, 2008 by Chelsea Pfeiffer Entertainment
Boss Chelsea, while going through her daily dossier discovers that an alarming situation at a spanking brothel needs to be handled, as soon as humanly possible. The girls are being spanked much too hard and the brothel Madame has sent one of Chelsea's Angels into bottom recovery after an extreme paddling. All this isn't quite revealed as this plot begins to take shape. All we know is that it's time for Chelsea to call on her two remaining angels, Angel Shelley and Angel Salina. It's a typical quiet morning at the Angel's apartment, when suddenly the two darlings are surprised by an early call from Boss Chelsea. It seems a certain situation has gotten completely out of hand and Chelsea needs to send her angels on a dangerous mission to save the day. Before she can do so, however, she must in all good conscience, prepare the girls to be able to take what will be required to take out the bad guy (or girl, rather). The Angels agree to put themselves through a rigorous spanking training session, complete with a large wooden paddle and a crop! Following instructions from Chelsea herself, via video phone, the girls do as they are told. Angel Salina is first. She obediently and very bravely places herself over Angel Shelley's lap for a first ever spanking. She's so brave, in fact, that she challenges Shelley, asking her Angel friend if she's sure will be able to spank hard enough. Shelley assures Salina that she is very much up to the task and the spanking ensues. The hand spanking progresses until Salina's panties are lowered and then the girls trade places. When Salina asks Shelley if she's ready, the Angel spankee enthusiastically replies, "Have at it!" Hmmm, have these two angels really NEVER been spanked before? Soon it's time for the implements and more place trading occurs, back and forth. Suddenly Chelsea's spanking test hits a snag as the two angels begin to become aroused from their spirited spanking exchange. Chelsea must remind the ladies repeatedly to keep their concentration. Finally the experiment dissolves completely into a steamy girl-girl sex scene! That's when boss Chelsea realizes that she must take matters into her own hands, for the sake of the safety of her dear Angels! Chelsea surprises the girls by arriving unexpectedly at their apartment. The two sex-bombs were so completely involved in each other that they hadn't even realized that their boss was no longer on the video phone. Chelsea breaks up the sex scene and cuts to the chase with the large wooden paddle. Bending Angel Shelley and Angel Salina over the chaise, Chelsea proceeds to deliver the extreme paddling she knows her Angels will need to be able to endure on their upcoming mission!

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