Cheating Footjobs

Released at: November 20, 2017 by Feet On Demand
Goddess Alexis is about to go out, but her friend isn't ready to leave yet. As her friend finishes getting ready, she decides to tease her friend's husband. She starts by grabbing his cock, then takes a seat, propping her feet up on the kitchen table. After taking off her sexy pointed toe high heels, he kisses her feet then wraps his tongue around each toe, sliding it in between them before licking her bare soles. See her slap his face with her feet and shove her foot in his mouth. Things heat up when they switch rooms and she pulls his cock out, giving him a steamy foot job. Watch as she massages his cock with her feet, foot milking him like he craves. Goddess Kimmy Granger overhears the doctor she has been seeing while he's on the phone with his wife. When she comes in for her appointment, she announces that she wants a job at his medical office. To sway him into hiring her, she seduces him, lifting up her skirt to show off her gorgeous ass and pretty panties. He can hardly resist her when she places her high heeled foot in his lap, teasing his cock through his pants while he runs his hand up her long, sexy leg. Soon, his shoes are off and his mouth is on her feet, kissing, licking, and sucking on them. Soon his pants are down and her feet are hugging his cock for a steamy foot job. Goddess Mia is sitting on a desk, looking as sexy as ever in a nice shirt and skirt and a hot pair of red high heel pumps. She has her foot bitch bound to a chair with his tie around his neck like a leash and naked from the waist down, his hard cock exposed. He frantically begs her to release him, as tonight is his anniversary with his wife and he'll be late for their plans if he doesn't leave soon. Unfortunately for him, his lovely goddess couldn't care less. He's been telling her that he was getting a divorce soon, but has yet to deliver. Will he worship her feet well enough to her liking to be freed or will he be stuck in this predicament? Goddess Roxanne is having trouble with her studies so she enlists the help of her stepdad. When she calls him into her room he feels a bit uncomfortable since she's topless, her big, perky tits only covered by her blanket. She assures him that it's okay though since her mama won't be home until later. She stresses how important it is for him to help her and be nice to her since he's dating her mama. She then seduces him, rubbing her feet down his body and letting him kiss, lick, and suck on her soles and toes before giving him a foot job. But if he wants her to keep it quiet then he's going to have to do her schoolwork. Goddess Trilly is about to do laundry but she can't seem to find any of her dirty socks. When she walks into her brother-in-law's room to see if he has seen them, only to find him lying in his bed sniffing them and jerks his cock! He is very embarrassed but she eases his mind, telling him that she has heard about foot fetishes before and that he can play with her feet if he wants while her sis is away. Watch as he kisses and licks her soles, sliding his tongue between each one of her toes as she jerks his cock and teases her pussy. If he wants her to keep quiet, though, he's gonna have to be her foot bitch from now on.

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