Can We Play?

Released at: November 4, 2020 by Galaxy
As Marc finishes up a video shoot of stunning new model Theresa, he goes to release her when she asks if she can stay and play. Of course to Marc, this means play bondage games and he suspects it means the same to Theresa. It doesn't matter though because that's the way it is and we benefit from it. Marc says OK, but under his conditions. She smiles and says OK and whe the gag goes on, the playing begins. We see Theresa hooked up to the ceiling, tied down to the bed and everything in between. (One extraordinary position on the bed is worth the price of the video alone.) They obviously are both enjoying it immensely. We know that this is exactly what Theresa meant. We are sure glad she asked. Relax, and enjoy what happens when a bondage model asks "Can we play?"

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