California Fever

Released at: July 27, 2001 by VCX
Stunning Candied Evens plays a fresh mid-western bombshell, who arrives in L.A. ripe for adventure & dripping with an urge to tease, then please the local studs. Her first stop is the beach where she meets the hungry Raymond Dandee, who gets her to feed all his physical needs, then sells her his grandmother's heirloom watch. Next, Robin is introduced to the West Coast 3-way scene by fun couple Sheena Horne and Frank James. This merely wets our insatiable heroines appetite. For she instantly succumbs to a dominant Marc Wallice, as he tells her first, then shows her what hot mouths are for. Rick Savage and Bunny Blue also sample Candie's devastating charms. Then, in the film's climatic, hard-action encounter, Miss Candie and Don Fernando do more than lick each other to a froth. She ends up unloading the gold watch on him and gets sprayed with pearl drops in return.

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