Bubble Gum Amateurs 37

Released at: January 29, 2009 by Taccat Home Services
Claire is back and we got all sorts of things going on. First scene she is going to tease the hell out of me while wearing some black thongs. She poses and plays on the bed, grinding the thong into her pussy and making herself cum all over them. I get a bent over view and a missionary view of Claire working that thong into that pussy and ass. Next Claire is going to do the exact same thing but this time wearing a purple thong. Claire pulls her dress down revealing her tight ass body. She poses and bends over on the bed, the entire time rubbing her pussy through the thong. She pulls the thong up tight giving herself a camel toe and grinds the fabric into herself. She is obviously have a very good time from the look on her face. The thong comes off but she is still not done yet. She is grinding and rubbing with that thong so hard she ends up putting it back on and using a vibrating egg on her pussy until she cums again. Next scene starts with me lying on my back and Claire slowly getting my cock hard with her mouth. I am so turned on by her masturbating I don't think I am going to last that long. Claire is holding my cock and sucking on the head non-stop. She keeps on sucking until I cum right in her open mouth. It is dripping off her chin and lip but guess what? I'm not done yet and neither is she. She starts sucking my dick again! The cum is still on her lips and tongue. This time I sit in the chair. Claire walks over, licks some of my cum off of her face then goes right to work again. I can't believe how hard I still am. I try to concentrate on filming but I can't believe this is happening. She is working my dick like a champ. I end up blowing this load right in her mouth as well and I jerk the last few drops in.

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