Blow By Blow

Released at: February 2, 2007 by Video X Pix
Tina Harvey is a successful television news reporter. She and her husband are on their way to visit her Aunt June, a young widow who has taken in a boarder, Winnifred Carmen, who is an old friend of TIna's. When Tina sees her friend bring home a hunky stud named Paul for some fun, she not only gets jealous, she gets horny. When Tina and her hubby are leaving, Winnifred's current boyfriend Les, shows up unexpectedly at the house. He hears the sounds of lust coming form the bedroom and he is crushed. Aunt Jane sees that Les is visibly upset and she comforts him. She comfort him all the way into the bedroom and into his pants! After they make love, Aunt June finds that she is very attracted to this hot young man. Tina suspects that June and Les are making it, and to make June jealous she arranges to bring Paul over to the house for a hot encounter. Now June finds out that her darling niece " Aint no angel!" Tina brings her Aunt over to Winnifred's bed and the 3 girls make love for the very first time. Tina has more erotic plans for the girls, she has her husband Carl jump in and make it with both Winnifred and June! While this hot threesome was going full speed. Tina slipped downstairs for a quickie with Les. June hears the noises below and leaves Carl and Winnifred locked together as she goes for a look. She finds Tina and Les giving her bed a good workout and decides to join the fun. After everyone's passions had been satisfied, Tina realizes that her Aunt June is falling in love with Les. She suggests that it would that it would be better for everyone if Winnifred would move in with Carl and herself. This would give Aunt June a chance to get to know her new man, and it would give Tina and Carl a new playmate

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