Bisexual Affairs

Released at: April 3, 2023 by Wow Squad
Some lads don't ever like to explore their bisexual side least of all in porn! but that's not the case with the boys here. In fact, whilst they're horny as fuck in the company of girls, they're also more than happy to play around with their buddies, or to get fucked up the ass by a dildo. It's not your average straight porn, of course but then that's the point. Every one of the folks in this offering from Wow Squad is totally happy with their fluid sexuality; though that's not to detract from the fabulous one-on-one straight action it features. All in all, a totally unrestrained, sexually-mobile suck-and-fuck-fest; that gets pussies and asses fucked and plugged in equal measure, before unleashing a wacky frenzy of cum for all to enjoy!

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