Released at: June 2, 2010 by Burning Angel Entertainment
Joanna Angel's ~~ "Ugly"~~ is the sleaziest and most popular bar in town. It's the place you go when your looking to lick booze off a hot bartenders boobs, or where you piss in the corner when you drank too much. One day, the health inspector ruins all the fun by threatening to shut the bar down unless it's "brought up to code"; Joanna and her bartenders have no idea what that even means! While trying to figure out how to save their beloved slut fest haven, an underage, horny kid is determined to make his way past Ugly's bouncer who is also busy having " below code" relations with a sexy customer and - on top of that- their most loyal regular refuses to wear a shirt. No one said being a hot bartender chick was easy!

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