Backpackers Volume 8

Released at: October 5, 2021 by Fake Hostel
Synopsis:The Landlord is manning the welcome desk at the Fake Hostel when a somber knock pounds off the door. Opening the threshold, the Landlord comes to face to face with Melody Petite. The petite brunette is adorned in make up and carries a voodoo doll, but the Landlord ignores these red flags leads her to a room anyway. Suddenly, Melody nibbles at The Landlord's neck and he cums in his pants! Melody takes his semen and creates the ultimate voodoo doll, one that influences Steve to come to her room late at night to gaze upon her subtle breasts and firm booty. Sporting the thickest erection he's even had, The Landlord fucks Melody's tight pussy until she cums, then makes her squirt! Cumming upwards, he covers Melody with a facial.

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Boni Brown

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