Back In Style

Released at: December 7, 2000 by Vivid
When the Berlin Wall Falls, I'll do Anal." That's what Angela Baron said, and guess what, that's exactly what she does in her return to porn, **Back in Style".** This time she's a designer plagued by a string of bad business deals and vengeful ex-partners. She saves her skin with a "fake" fashion show, and in the process shows the skin you've been waiting years to see again. It's a sex/business/intrigue strokefest, and the good new is Angela Baron's in fine form. Or, as they say in Style, everything old is nude again!

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Scene1: 00:10:25 - 00:27:27 (17:02)

Scene2: 00:28:08 - 00:44:09 (16:01)

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Scene4: 01:02:39 - 01:14:57 (12:18)