Back Door Lust

Released at: March 22, 2006 by Caballero Home Video
Tales From the Backside! A bonanza of hot anal action is in store from this outrageous collection of anal antics! European sex queen Teresa Orlowski starts the set off with a raunchy, roaring ass bang! Then, nasty Patty Petite takes Paul Thomas' pummeling poker while muscle-bound Francois Papilion plays a sexy shoe salesman - who fits more than a pump on Buffy Davis. Taija Rae, Herschel Savage and a fiery blonde bimbo discover that backdoor shenanigans add a delicious new dimension to their horny three-way. And finally, French superstud Gabriel Pontello gives a passion-plugging performance to some erotic Euro-sluts. Plus, there's more!

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