Asking The Right Way

Released at: December 10, 2021 by Girlsway
Nina Elle tells her step-daughter Aften Opal that breakfast is ready, but Aften is glued to her phone. Aften is pretty much ALWAYS on her phone. But Nina is a determined woman, and she resolves to figure out a way to tear Aften away from the device. Two teen friends, Samantha Reigns and Hazel Moore, want to go on a fun road trip together. Unfortunately, Samantha's stepmom, Natasha Nice, is too afraid for their safety and doesn't give Samantha permission to go, which means BOTH of the friends are stuck. But Samantha hasn't said her last word and knows the right way to ask her permission. Rachael Cavalli is worried and agitated. Emma Hix, her stepdaughter, is worried and tries to figure out why. Rachael will remarry soon and she tells Emma that she has heard that there are going to be strippers at her bachelorette party. Emma decides to initiate Rachael by doing a striptease herself to break the ice.

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