Art House Sluts

Released at: May 13, 2009 by Madison Bound Productions
Young artist and visionary ~~Maddie Superstar~~ has made her way out of the burbs and into the wild clutches of San Francisco's lesbian ~~art and sex~~ scene where boundaries are pushed, rough sex is had and wet explosive orgasms are discovered by all. Follow Maddie Superstar from the rise and fall of her life as San Francisco's "It" girl. From anal orgasms in a filthy taqueria bathroom to femmes battling for the spotlight in a fierce cat fight cum fuck fest. Art films meld wit hot sex scenes to create on of the most avant garde and visceral lesbian features of the decade. ~~Welcome to Madison Young's Art House~~. Starring Madison Young, Shawn, Jiz Lee, Lorelei Lee, Sadie Lune, Trouble Royale and Carson.

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Scene4: 00:53:22 - 01:11:51 (18:29)