Adult Guidance 6

Released at: April 22, 2013 by Innocent High
Let us introduce you to some girls that desperately need some adult guidance! They're naughty students that can't seem to do the right thing, and now they're going to get a stern talking to... right before they're fucked! Kylee Reese hasn't been turning in her homework, but she gets the teacher to forgive her by fucking him in the classroom! Myah Monroe needs a physical to stay on the basketball team, so the principal decides to check her out himself. Ashley Marie and Savannah Stern are in detention but instead of doing homework, they're doing each other! See what happens when naughty schoolgirls decide to stay bad and get covered in cum for their bad behavior!

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Mya Monroe

Scene5: 01:52:10 - 02:06:54 (14:44)