3 Glass Vases

Released at: September 1, 2021 by Dirty Doctors Videos
I had just got back from the shops and I must admit I was rather scantily clad and as I was wearing a low cut bra my nipples had crept over the edge and were visible through my sheer top, no wonder I was getting a lot of looks but now Im home and feeling Hot and Horny its time to strip off and have a little play and I start by fingering my juicy pussy but I need something else to play with and I spot a clear blue vase on my bedside table which slides with ease into my wet and willing cunt, it feels really good and I pound away until I reach a climax but then I notice another slim vase and after removing the flowers I get to work on my pussy with that one, its longer and has a different shape but it certainly hits the spot, I kneel up and slide it in and out then without warning it takes me by surprise and I squirt uncontrollably all over the bed but one more to try on my other bedside table this one is silver and has a twist in its shape and it slides with ease into my now very wet cunt, I pound away and squirt some more and then I reach a massive orgasm leaving me completely satisfied, It's amazing what a girl can find around the house to play with. Trisha xxx

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